The birth of fracture mechanics nearly a century ago was largely driven by the fast development of the aerospace industry. At that time, the materials considered were mostly monolithic and homogenous, the models were largely continuum-based and the materials dimensions were macroscopic. After nearly a century of research and development, fracture mechanics has gone through a tremendous evolution and transformation process. The wealth of knowledge and applications has expanded well beyond aerospace. Notable application fields include marine & offshore structures, precision engineering, microelectronic and biomedical sectors. Increasingly heterogeneous materials and hybrid composites are utilized in new applications while in tandem models incorporating microstructure and atomic structures and multi-physical features are being developed as the material dimensions under consideration decrease to microscopic and nanoscopic scales. On the one hand, the pioneering generation of fracture mechanicians are still very much active in pursuing facture mechanics research and solving challenging problems. On the other hand, the younger generations are exploring new theoretical frameworks and new application areas. Hence, this is an opportune time to review what has been achieved in the field of fracture mechanics over the past century as well as explore future prospects, directions and strategies for fracture mechanics in the next century. The proposed Century Fracture Mechanics Summit serves these two purposes well.

This Summit is positioned as the highest standard and highest quality scientific conference ever in the fracture mechanics history. The pioneering generation of fracture mechanics giants, eminent mid-age and young scholars in fracture mechanics will be invited. Many of the invited speakers are members of the US National Academy of Sciences, US National Academy of Engineering, US National Academy of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, et al. The gathering of three generations of fracture researchers and experts under one roof to discuss the past, present, and future of facture mechanics will stimulate vigorous discussions and spark new ideas. Importantly, this Summit will also provide an ideal platform for researchers to intermingle and interact with each other. Hence, the Century Fracture Mechanics Summit will not only strengthen existing R&D research but also promote the engineering applications of fracture mechanics in the industry.

We would like to use this Summit to celebrate the achievements in Fracture Mechanics and to look toward the developments that will shape the future of Fracture Mechanics.  On the last day of the Summit (10 April 2019), we will celebrate the 80th birthday of a very special contributor to fracture mechanics, Professor John W Hutchinson.

Conference Organizing Structure

Honorary Chairs:

Dr. Raj. Thampuran

Prof. Choon Fong Shih

Prof. Subra Suresh


Prof. Yonggang Huang

Prof. Alan Needleman

Local Organizing Committee:


Prof. Yong-Wei Zhang


Dr. Zachary H. Aitken

Dr. Shuai Chen

Dr. Yuan Cheng

Dr. Jun Liu

Dr. Ping Liu

Dr. Zhigang Liu

Dr. Jingjie Yeo

Ms. Sally Siew